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Aton is Arnold Interface-compatible display driver and Nuke plugin for direct rendering into the Nuke interface.

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1.1.5 Release notes

1.1.4 Release notes

1.1.3 Release notes

1.1.2 Release notes

1.1.1 Release notes

1.1.0 Release notes

How to install

  1. Copy aton.dll(.dylib, .so) from ~/Bin to your $NUKE_PATH

    • For example C:\Users\YourName\.nuke

    • In your add the following

    • In your add the following

      import nuke
      mainToolBar = nuke.toolbar("Nodes")
      m = mainToolBar.addMenu("Menu")
      m.addCommand("Aton", "nuke.createNode(\"Aton\")")
  2. Copy driver_aton.dll(.dylib, .so) from ~/Bin to your $ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH

    • For example C:\solidangle\mtoadeploy\2016\shaders

  3. Copy from ~/Scripts to your Maya's scripts folder

    • For example C:\Users\YourName\Documents\maya\scripts

    • Binaries are compiled against Nuke 9.0v8/10.0v1 and Arnold on Windows 7, OSX 10.11, CentOS 7 GCC 4.1.2

How to Use

  1. Open Nuke and create Aton node
  2. Open Maya, make sure Arnold is set as default renderer
  3. Run this Python code bellow in script editor to open Aton UI or put it on the shelf

    from aton_maya import *
    aton = Aton()
    • To use Crop node for the Render Region, first copy it to clipboard, click Get.

    • In order to change the default capture path, make an environment variable $ATON_CAPTURE_PATH and point it to your favorite directory.

How to Build

To build it yourself you will need to have


New BSD License - for more info see COPYING in the repository


It's based on:

Dan Bethelli's Rmanconnect which is freely available at.

Chad Dombrova's driver for arnold, freely available at.

Arnold® is a registered trademark of Solid Angle.

Nuke® is a registered trademark of The Foundry.